This Bolin Webb comes with a silicone travel case. A solution to your shaving woes. Stylish and practical.

-Shaving razor R1 in silver. This Bolin Webb accepts Mach3 blades. It combines innovation and modern design with tradition. This razor sports a silver coloured handle. It is painted with the same exact standards as the classic cars this brand gets its inspiration from. The handle is slightly curved allowing for a close, comfortable shave. This razor shaves to the highest standards. These are razors like no others. They perform to the highest standards. A must for the modern man.

– Black silicone Bolin Webb travel case. This case features clean, balanced lines just like many other of the brand’s products. The case is made from flexible silicone that is highly resistant and easy to clean. The ideal accessory to carry your razor and keep it in good condition.


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